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"With the world in shambles, humans were forced underground." 

Years have passed since The Project had commenced, now it's your turn.

Play as Sam, a failed lab experiment who must escape the sprawling tunnel and cave system he was created in. Use your shotgun to defeat enemies, flip switches to open doors, and collect keys to open new areas.  

Learn about the strange world you were brought into by keeping track of missions and collectables in your journal. 


2D Art/UI/Animation, Narrative, Level Design - Veronica Hazen

Programming - John Lynch

Programming - Matt Lyons

Programming, Level Design - Klein Misiurski

Production, Level Design, 3D Environment Art, UI, Particles - Thomas Spinelli

3D Environment Art - Sydney Willis

Lead Level Design - Devin Tyler


Crosscut Hollow Version 1.5 236 MB

Install instructions

Download the Zip File, extract the folder, and run the .exe (the blue icon resembling the player).

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