Crosscut Hollow Version 1.5


I felt randomly compelled to update the game quite a bit. Even after so long I still think about how cool the project turned out to be. Here's a summary of the fixes included in the 1.5 update.

New Areas

In the previous build it was impossible to loop all the way back to the beginning areas. In this update I designed an extra path that loops back to the generator room, which you discover before the cave area. There is a drop in the cave that makes it impossible to turn back, but by taking this extra path that issue is resolved in case you forgot an item and want to go back and look.

I also opened up two new areas, the starting area - the chamber room, and an extra room off to the left of a green terminal marked by red X's.

The chamber room is where the experiments were created, and before this update that bit of lore was left out and unclear. I also added some text that appears if you go all the way to right, as you observe the large gate next to the key card item.

For the red X room, I added some enemies and a new switch that opens the door to the secret boss area, where you will take the new path I added somewhere in the cave to go back and find.

Secret Boss Fight

Speaking of the secret boss, I adjusted the layout of the room so it feels more like an actual frantic fight instead of just lobbing a few bullets at it to win. I added more health to it, some extra enemies, and players will have to navigate the room more carefully to avoid getting hit by the boss. It is an optional fight, not required to beat the game, but for 100% completion it is necessary. 

New Enemies

While they still aren't fully functional, they are now in the game - the rock monster and glow worm. We had plans for them to shoot projectiles but we were having programming issues, and no time to fix it. I fixed them up so they can at least hurt the player if they touch them, and they also drop health or ammo. Maybe one day they'll be able to shoot projectiles, but for now they are just new obstacles for the player.

Other Minor Fixes

Added a warning pop up text to the left of the pylon room, the entrance to the secret area. Tells players there is a switch somewhere that gives them access.

Fixed some collider issues.

Adjusted some enemy placements throughout the game.

Re-wrote some lore and other text in the journal.

Made a variation of the main music in the boss room to add to the creepy factor.

Adjusted some background elements:

- like mushrooms that would tilt upon playing the game, had something to do with an unnecessary animator attached to them.

- and some cave stalactites that were floating.

I'm hoping to update the game again soon with a few more fixes and added features, if possible. I'm not a programmer but I'll fix stuff to the best of my ability.

- Veronica Hazen (LexiToons)


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Feb 26, 2022

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